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SEP 2014

Wellington Boot Cleaner

Wellyboot 1

The knee high Wellington Boot cleaner was designed to keep the boot as clean as possible, cleaning from the sole of the boot to the neck.  The wellington boot cleaner will minimise the risk of spreading disease from one area to another ensuring disease is not carried from contaminated areas. 

This model can come with a water connection if required and an aluminium wash bath complete with lid.

The lid will ensure wind and rain doesn’t dilute your disinfectant and keep animals from drinking the water, all helping to reduce contamination and risk of infection from footwear throughout your business. 


PuriFry provide Fryer Management Services for deep fat fryers to a range of hotels, Restaurants, and Catering Outlets, from a fleet of field service vans. Our service vans are fully kitted out with ramps, tanks and shelving, all manufactured and fitted by Agnew General Engineering. We have always found the team at Agnew Engineering to provide the highest level of quality and support, working closely with us in developing our requirements and regularly working to demanding deadlines, all at a very competitive price. I would not hesitate in recommending AGE as a preferred supplier.
Carey Baxter

We are very happy with our boot cleaner from Agnew Engineering. People visit our car park to go for country walks and enjoy the scenery and the majority of them leave with a photo of this novel idea too
Mary Casey